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The price of servo screen printer is so high, what's so good about it?
Auther: Pubdate:2020-01-08
       Most cosmetics on the market are mainly screen printing, bronzing, and labeling. If you know the cosmetics printing industry, the price of intelligent servo screen printing machines should be higher, but some people may not know where the high-priced servo screen printing machines are. .


       Servo screen printer is also a kind of screen printer. Why is it called a servo screen printer! Simply put, it is a screen printer using a servo motor, of course, it is not just the motor. Compared with stepping motor screen printers, the servo screen printer has a simpler transmission structure and a smaller system, but is relatively more complicated in electrical terms. This is not small and can save a certain amount of space. That is an advantage of the servo screen printer!



       Silk screen printing on cosmetics bottles can have more than one color, so it involves color registration. At this time, the accuracy and reliability of the machine is required. Compared with stepping screen printers, servo screen printers must be relatively accurate and reliable, because the servo motor does not lose steps. (The servo motor driver receives the feedback signal from the motor encoder and compares it with the command pulse to form a semi-closed loop control of the position. Therefore, Fuji servo motors will not lose steps and each command pulse can be reliably responded.


       In conclusion, the reason why the servo screen printing machine is expensive, the first volume is good, the second mechanical structure is simple, later changes are more convenient, and the third servo screen printing machine is more accurate and reliable.