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Maintenance measures of automatic cream bottle screen printing
Auther: Pubdate:2020-01-08
     Both humans and machines have their lives. Although we say that the final life is 100 years old, there are very few people who can actually live to 100 years old. This is why, because we are in There may be many behaviors in life that will affect our health and ultimately lead to a reduction in our lifespan. The same principle is the same for the machine. The manufacturer sets a life word value for the machine, but does not The representative user can not maintain the machine well, and can still use it to the day of life. I think everyone knows this, so today I will tell you how to maintain the automatic cream bottle screen printer.

       First of all, because I personally have a deep understanding of the screen printing industry, I will take an automatic cream bottle screen printing machine as an example to tell you how to maintain it. The content is mainly divided into general maintenance and special maintenance. General maintenance can be applied to Many similar equipment, and special maintenance is a measure for the maintenance of screen printers.

First of all, the general maintenance is relatively simple. The first point is to keep the equipment clean. Do not allow any foreign matter to appear on some important parts. In addition, make sure that the equipment is dry and too humid and easy to make the equipment rust.

       Then for professional maintenance, for automatic cream bottle screen printing machines, use lubricating oil for some parts or parts that run for a long time, and check whether there is any problem before each use. If there are problems with some parts Then you need to replace with new parts.


       The above are some of my methods on how to maintain the automatic cream bottle screen printer. If you do n’t know how to maintain it, I hope to learn from it.