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Can screen-printed graphics be bitmaps?
Auther: Pubdate:2020-01-08
       Friends who know printing or graphic design know that the printing industry generally uses vector graphics, such as ai, cdr and other file formats. Screen-printed graphics are no exception. Normally they are vector graphics. Can screen printing be bitmaps other than vector bits?


       In the face of smart and great working people, the use of bitmaps for screen printing is perfectly fine. There are always more ways than difficulties. The way to use bitmap printing is to split a complex bitmap into a four-color overlay that can knock out the effect. If the four-color overlay is not perfect, then multicolor overlay. This printing method is called screen four-color printing, or offset printing.


       Both bitmaps and vector graphics are made up of dots, which are what we call pixels, but vector graphics are calculated from data formulas, so there is no distortion when zoomed in. The pixels of the graphic are densely arranged and are dark colors; the sparsely arranged are light colors. Several color dots squeeze together and penetrate each other, and they will hit other colors. The higher the mesh count, the more beautiful the degree of pattern reduction.



       Finally, let's show you the comparison between bitmaps and vector graphics. Of course, in printing use, we better use vector bits. In the case of large details, I can also use bitmaps appropriately.