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Why is the screen of the screen printing machine blocked?
Auther: Pubdate:2020-01-08
      Opportunities are always reserved for those who are prepared, so we should usually know more about it in case it can be used anytime, such as the use of screen printers, because there are many brands of screen printers on the market. Some are good and some are poor, so sometimes users of screen printing machines will find that the screen printing screen is clogged during the screen printing process. So what is the reason for this? Let's analyze them together.

       First, the screen will be blocked. The first is because of problems with the basic material. For example, some products are screen-printed, so there can be some micro particles on the surface, which can easily block the screen. Need user attention.


       Then it may be due to temperature, because sometimes the temperature becomes higher, and the ink itself uses a fast-drying solvent, so the ink will dry too quickly and block the screen. In this case, the user is required. Have enough experience, can use different drying solvents according to specific conditions, and ensure that the temperature around the screen printer is relatively stable.

       In the end, it may also be due to the problem of screen printing. Some users will forget to clean up the screen printing screen if they are careless. This will cause some foreign objects to appear in the screen, which will cause clogging during printing. Therefore, users of screen printing machines should pay attention to screen printing The machine is tidy. Clean the screen printer on time.


       The above is the reason for the screen clogging of the screen printing machine. In addition to the reasons, I have also given some measures to the users. I hope that if screen clogging occurs when using the screen printing machine, we can do a good job of solving the problem.