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How about a two-color rotary screen printer?
Auther: Pubdate:2020-01-08
      Nowadays, people have higher and higher requirements for printing, and are no longer limited to a single color. The two-color rotary screen printer is also produced under this background, of course, there are more colors. So what about the two-color rotary screen printer? Let's take a look at the two-color rotary screen printer together.

       A two-color rotary screen printer has two print heads on a large turntable. When printing, first load the material, and then a certain position of the turntable is transferred below the print head. The print head is lowered and the print head is raised after printing. Curing. Then the turntable rotates and goes under the other print head to print another color. The two-color rotary screen printer can be used to print any curved object.



       The two-color rotary screen printer is generally customized according to customer needs. After it is done, it can print two colors. If you want to print monochrome, then the other print head may be idle, and the turntable has to rotate two print heads, the distance will be longer, the efficiency will be reduced, and it is relatively inefficient and wastes resources. If it is long-term two-color screen printing, this screen printing machine is still very convenient, and can also occasionally monochrome printing. Of course, if you want to switch between monochrome and two-color, you can choose two monochromatic screen printers to join together. If you want to print in monochrome, or add several colors, it is more convenient. It can only be said that both models have advantages. In terms of price, whether it is a rotary screen printing machine or a screen printing dragon, the price is not much different.