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What causes silk screen products to fade easily?
Auther: Pubdate:2020-01-08
      Screen printers are widely used in a variety of printing products. For example, the most commonly used is the printing on cosmetic packaging bottles, such as the graphics on the surface of lipstick tubes and the graphics on hoses. Experienced screen printing masters can print a variety of stylized printing effects. Inexperienced screen printers can often encounter various kinds of problems. For example, the most common thing is that the products after the screen printing are easy to fade. So what's going on?

The reason why screen printing products fade is probably related to ink

        Different substrates may use different inks, such as metal, glass, and plastic. It is also normal for mismatched inks to easily fall off after screen printing. In fact, it is the quality of the ink. The quality of some miscellaneous inks is not sufficient, and it is normal to suddenly fade after printing.


The reason why the screen printing product fades may be related to curing

        After screen printing, the ink is still in a dry state, and curing is required at this time. Common curing is natural wind blowing, heating curing, blowing curing, or UV curing. If it is not cured after screen printing, it will easily fade. When it is cured, it does not take longer or longer. If the curing is too slow, the printed graphics will be cracked.

The reason why screen printing products fade is probably related to the printing environment

        Easily fade after screen printing is due to the poor adhesion of the ink, and the reason why the ink does not have a strong force may be the dirt on the surface of the substrate. As a result, the ink does not come into normal contact with the substrate, so it is easy to fade. To solve this problem, it is unrealistic to manually check whether there is dust on the substrate, but now silk screen printing is more advanced, and many of them have electrostatic dust removal function, and burn off some dirt, etc., so choose the machine You can pay attention when you are.

There are many reasons why screen printing products are prone to oil black, but whether it is screen printing, UV printing, offset printing, thermal transfer, etc., it will definitely fade if you use a sharp object to scratch. Unless like silkscreen glass, the silkscreen is tempered with a protective layer.