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What is silk screen glass? How to make it?
Auther: Pubdate:2020-01-08
        What is silk screen glass? I believe many people have never said this! But it doesn't matter, today I will give you a popular science, what is silk screen glass and how is it made.

        Screen printing glass is a process of glass printing. Screen printing is called screen printing. Screen printing glass is to print some exquisite graphics, trademarks and so on on glass. Screen printing glass can be divided into two types, one is high temperature printing and one is low temperature printing. High temperature printing is printed before tempering, and it needs to be tempered immediately after printing. High-temperature silk screen glass is very resistant to abrasion and cannot be scraped off with sharp objects. The abrasion resistance of low-temperature screen printing is relatively poor, and it can be scraped off with a sharp object.


        How to make silk screen glass? In fact, there is an additional printing process when making glass. Larger glass factories generally use fully automatic screen printing machines to screen glass, and the operation is relatively simple. You can find related screen printing videos on the Internet and the principles are the same. As mentioned above, there are two types of screen-printed glass, high-temperature screen-printed glass and low-temperature screen-printed glass. These two different methods have also been mentioned above, and the processing procedures are slightly different.

        Finally, I will give you an example. For example, the logo under the screen of the mobile phone is printed by using high-temperature silk screen glass. No matter how it is scratched, it can't be scraped.