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What does bronzing mean? What is glass bottle bronzing
Auther: Pubdate:2020-01-08
       Many friends often hear the word bronzing, so what is bronzing? Maybe a lot of people are vague about the concept of bronzing, but it doesn't matter, let's take a look at bronzing together today.

       Items that use the hot stamping process can be found everywhere in daily life. For example, the cosmetics or clothing nameplates that we are most familiar with may use the hot stamping process. The feature of the bronzing process is that it has a metallic texture. Generally, the mirror is mostly gold and silver, which may also be the reason why people like gold and silver jewelry. Of course, bronzing is not just a mirror effect, it can be brushed, matte and so on.


      The simple explanation of hot stamping is to stamp the metal convex plate on the surface of the substrate, so how is it stamped? Hot stamping is a chemical reaction process. The silicone resin layer and the adhesive on the hot stamping paper are melted, and the viscosity of the silicone resin becomes smaller when heated. However, the viscosity of the special heat-sensitive adhesive is increased after melting, and the glue will solidify after cooling It is firmly attached to the printing object.

       The principle is the same whether it is hot stamping in a glass bottle or hot stamping in a plastic bottle. All the patterns are ready made, and then the patterns are made on the hot stamping paper, and then you can use the hot stamping machine to stamp the substrate. The bronzing process has metallic properties that make the product look better. In some specific occasions, bronzing can often have a prominent effect, such as the brand's trademark and so on.