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What is the principle of hot stamping machine?
Auther: Pubdate:2020-01-08
      In daily life, we often see bronzing products, such as invitations, cosmetic bottles, and logos on magenta tubes, which are mostly bronzing machines. So what is a hot stamping machine? What is the principle of hot stamping machine? Let ’s take a look together.


       Hot stamping machines include semi-automatic hot stamping machines and automatic hot stamping machines. For large production batches, automatic hot stamping machines are basically used. The principle of the hot stamping machine is actually relatively simple. If you have watched the hot stamping process yourself, then you must know about it. As there are many videos online, you can find it.

       Let's talk briefly about the principle of hot stamping. The principle of hot stamping is simply using hot press transfer to get the anodized aluminum to the surface of the substrate. Hot stamping machines generally require anodized aluminum and hot stamping plates. Under the effect of pressure, the anodized aluminum comes into contact with the hot stamping plates and substrates. By heating the hot plate, the hot stamping plate has a certain temperature. The hot melt of the anodized aluminum melts the hot-melt dyeing resin layer and the adhesive, reducing the viscosity of the dyeing resin layer, and the viscosity of the special heat-sensitive adhesive increases after melting, and the aluminum layer At the same time as the anodized aluminum-based film was peeled off, it was transferred to the substrate. As the pressure was removed, the adhesive quickly cooled and solidified, and the aluminum layer was firmly attached to the substrate to complete a hot stamping process.

       The principle of hot stamping machine is here, it is recommended that everyone will understand the video more easily.