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Price of wine bottle screen printing machine
Auther: Pubdate:2020-01-03
      There are many poets or poets who like drinking in ancient China. "There are many poets and poets who love drinking in ancient China." The origin and the development of the wine have been profound. In the long-term development, the wine culture has a great influence on the ancient literati, and therefore the wine culture can continue. In modern times, Maotai has become our national wine. Of course, with the development of modern times, ancient wines will also have some differences from the present, both in terms of manufacturing efficiency and taste. I do n’t talk about taste today. This requires the wine brand to change it. Today, I mainly talk about Changes in wine appearance and efficiency.

       Speaking of changes in efficiency and appearance, we need to mention the bottle silk screen printer. The emergence of the bottle silk screen printer allows us to print the brand's own trademark or some exquisite patterns on the bottle. With the advent of fully automatic bottle screen printing machines, the production efficiency of bottle manufacturers has also been greatly improved. Therefore, bottle screen printing machines are now very popular in the market.

       Someone must have asked about this. How much is a wine bottle screen printer? In fact, most of the current screen printers are fully automatic, so the general price starts at 150,000. This is the most basic version. If the buyer has other requirements, the price will definitely increase. Of course, I believe that spending money on screen printers will never be a loss-making business. Bottle screen printers will definitely bring huge benefits to manufacturers. of.