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Pros and cons of screen printing products
Auther: Pubdate:2020-01-08
     Benefits of screen printers For producers in the market, if they want to gain a competitive advantage, they must be able to have sufficient advantages in product quality. For this reason, producers often spend sufficient funds and time to improve themselves in the early stage. Production technology to ensure product quality. Nowadays, with the advent of automatic screen printers, screen printing has become a very efficient and quality-assured printing method. However, even if there are advantages, there will always be some inferior screen printers, which will lead to the emergence of Inferior products, so today I will tell you about those factors that will lead to poor quality of printed products.



       The quality of a printed matter is actually simply affected by the printing speed of the screen printer and the working pressure during printing. So how do we manage the printing pressure and printing speed to make a good print?

       First of all, for the operation of the working pressure, the effect of the printing pressure of the screen printing machine is to ensure that the screen and the printing surface of the substrate touch enough lines. Under this prerequisite, the lower the printing pressure of the screen printing machine, the better. Because the greater the working pressure, the smaller the amount of ink transfer may be and the larger the deformation of the screen printing machine blade, which will cause great harm to the ink filling situation, and will also expand the screen deformation, and the screen printing machine blade and the screen The sliding friction between plates will also increase.


       Screen printing machine printing speed refers to the speed at which the blade advances when the screen printing machine is printing. If the speed is slow, although the ink filling is good, the infiltration of the printing ink will occur at the edge of the pattern, which will cause the pattern to expand and the adhesion section to be too long, which will affect the printing The printing speed of the screen printer is too fast, which may cause the ink release speed and the substrate moving speed to not match, resulting in insufficient ink filling, incomplete print marks, or ghosting of the printed pattern.


       In general, for a fully automatic screen printer, the control of pressure and speed during printing is controlled by the electrical structure of the device itself and related procedures, and does not require manual control. Therefore, its screen printing products are excellent in printing. The disadvantage is mainly the debugging of the equipment, and this generally does not require much concern, because a good screen printer manufacturer often undergoes strict commissioning and verification before the machine leaves the factory. After all, the appearance of defective products in the hands of customers will also affect Own company image.