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How to choose the automatic screen printer?
Auther: Pubdate:2020-03-07
   With the advancement of science and technology and the continuous popularization of intelligence, the appliances on the market, as small as various household appliances, and large machinery and equipment on the avenue have become the trend of automation. Automated and intelligent equipments have made our lives more and more happy.

    In today's printing industry, especially the special printing industry, it's getting harder and harder to hire a suitable woker. The manual work is tedious and the labor efficiency is low. As the price rises, the cost of employment is gradually rising, and automatic screen printing machines save effort and effort, and only require simple panel operation to complete the printing job. These series of comparisons make the automatic screen printing machines even more popular.

    So, how to choose automatic screen printing machine? First of all, see if you want to print a flat surface or a curved surface. For a flat surface, you can choose a flat screen printer. The second point is to see the configuration, whether it is fully automatic or a better full-servo screen printer, depending on everyone's needs. Third, of course, depending on the quality of the screen printer, a good screen printer is simple to operate, reasonable in structure, and easy to maintain in the later stages.
    Therefore, selecting a reliable full-automatic screen printing machine manufacturer is also a very important link. It is recommended to conduct a field inspection to see if the manufacturer has the strength, can meet your requirements, whether there are some qualification certificates, whether it can be supplied on time, and whether the subsequent maintenance is guaranteed. A series of questions need to be carefully considered. Finally, I hope that everyone can buy a practical fully automatic screen printer.