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What is the profit of the printing industry in general?
Auther: Pubdate:2020-03-20

Printed products can be seen everywhere in daily life. As long as they are produced by regular manufacturers, there will be at least information such as production date and address. These information also need to be printed. Since printing demand is so great, how big is the profit of the printing house? What is the profit of the printing industry in general?
How profitable a printing factory is depends on individual operations. Order volume is fundamental. Regardless of the profit of the printing industry, even if it is high and the order volume is not large, then the revenue is unlikely to increase much. The major part of the profit of a printing factory is raw materials, factory rent and labor costs. For the benefit of the screen printing factory, the most important raw material is ink. Nowadays, environmental testing is becoming more and more stringent, so most of them will switch to new environmentally friendly inks, and the cost will inevitably rise. Besides, it is manual. In the era of automation, there are still many machines that use semi-automatic or even manual printing machines. This is not efficient, and the two take time and effort.
The profit of opening a printing factory is generally relatively low, and the profit of the printing industry is about 20% ~ 50%. If you choose a manual machine with manual operation, then the profit will be lower, after all, the efficiency is too low.