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How to choose a screen printer?
Auther: Pubdate:2020-03-21

Screen printing machine is indispensable for cosmetics printing industry, and the price is not cheap. The number of fully automatic curved screen printing machines is more than 100,000. So when you buy a screen printer, you can't be sloppy. So how do you choose a screen printer? Do you know how to choose a screen printer?
Like buying a car, everyone likes to buy a big brand. The price of small manufacturers may be tens of thousands of dollars cheaper, but flashy. The screen printing machine must choose a large manufacturer. The advantage of choosing a large screen printing machine is that the quality is guaranteed and the after-sales is guaranteed.
It's like it's spread on the Internet. When you buy a car, you will definitely learn auto repair. Then buy a small brand of screen printing machine, then you may also become a mechanical and electrical repairman. Screen printers are different from automobiles. As a production tool, sometimes the goods have a deadline. If the two ends are broken once in three days and the goods cannot be delivered on the date of delivery, then you still have to lose money. Even if you don't have to pay, you have a high chance of losing this customer.
Speaking of this, everyone should know the importance of buying a large screen printer. When buying a screen printing machine, you must check on the spot to see the strength of the screen printing machine manufacturer. The most intuitive way is to see how many machines are in the warehouse. Many may be middlemen, even without production capacity, so field inspections are also important.
The last is the warranty service. Look at the number of after-sales service outlets of the manufacturer, which is not far from the location of your factory. These are important elements.