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What is the purpose of silk screen?
Auther: Pubdate:2020-03-21

What is the silk screen? Maybe many friends have not heard of the word. In fact, silk screen is always visible in our daily life, and silk screen is applied in several industries. Let me tell you what silk screen printing is, and our common silk screen items.
The full name of silk screen printing is screen printing, which originated from the Qin and Han Dynasties. The most basic structure of screen printing is screen printing screen, scraper and screen printing table. The name of the silk screen may originate from the silk screen.
The screen printing screen is composed of a frame and a screen. We will not introduce the specific process, which belongs to the production technology. The screen printing screen has a lot of small holes in the pattern. Just like the mobile phone pattern above, there are many dense holes in the case. There are no holes in other places. Of course, when using a scraper to scrape the ink, the ink can ooze out of these small holes and be printed on the surface of the object.
The density of the small holes in the pattern reaches the same level, so the reduction degree of the pattern is still very high. This is like our monitor, which is also composed of one pixel by one pixel. Everyone who has used ps knows that if you enlarge the picture to a certain level, you can see a lot of small squares without zooming in, and our eyes can't see it.
Silk screen printing is used in various areas of daily life. Flat screen printing is used on clothes patterns, mobile phone trademarks, and even circuit board printing. The field of curved screen printing should mainly be packaging products such as bottles, jars, cans, etc. Comparing the most commonly used cosmetics for girls, the pictures on the bottles are basically silk screens, as well as the pictures on our favorite mosquito killer water bottles. The text is also silkscreen.
Through the above introduction, I wonder if you have any further understanding of what silk screen is?