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What is UV screen printing? What is UV Printing?
Auther: Pubdate:2020-03-23

I often see people asking what is vu silkscreen and what is UV printing. Many times, people may not know which printing process they want to express.
What is UV screen printing? Uv screen printing is an upgraded version of the screen printing machine. In fact, the UV screen printing and the screen printing machine are not much different in essence. People who know the screen printing machine know that the ink of the screen printing is relatively thick. If you want the ink to cure quickly, you need a curing tool. The traditional screen printing machine uses barbecue and air-drying, while the upgraded version of the UV screen printing machine uses a UV curing device.
UV is not a new technology. If you check the English dictionary or encyclopedia, you know that UV is actually ultraviolet. Nowadays, things that are cured by ultraviolet rays are very common in daily life, such as UV glue (photosensitive glue / shadowless glue), a glue we often use to paste glass, and Xiaobian is often used to paste mobile phone screens.
What is UV printing? UV printing and UV screen printing are two different processes. Generally speaking, UV printing refers to UV printing, not UV screen printing. Uv printing, because it does not require film production, can better handle complex graphics with gradual and excessive color, which has also attracted many customers. As industrial production, UV printing is not suitable for large-scale production environments because the print head is easily damaged and the maintenance cost is high.
See what you know here is UV screen printing, what is UV printing?