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What are the disposable cup printing processes?
Auther: Pubdate:2020-03-24

Disposable drinking cups are inexpensive drinking tools for many families, companies, and public places due to their low price. When the company receives guests, the most commonly used is a disposable cup. Smart companies will take a few cups at a time but as a carrier of advertising to make customers more impressed with the company. So how do the ads for disposable cups print? What printing processes are there?
Disposable water cup printing process through the use of silk screen printing, silk screen has a lot of great applicability and flexibility, regardless of the material of disposable cups, you can use silk screen printing. The silk screen ink will be thicker, so the texture will be stronger. However, for graphics with excessive gradation, the screen printing process will be more troublesome. In these cases, other processes can be used instead.
The disposable cup printing process can also use offset printing. Offset printing can solve graphics such as gradual changes in excessive colors and can print exquisite and bright patterns. It is more convenient for design reproduction, but offset printing is not suitable for printing edible disposable cups, because offset printing inks are not very environmentally friendly.
The disposable water cup printing process can also use flexo printing. Flexo printing uses water-based inks, which is also commonly known as green printing. The performance of flexographic printing in the reproduction of complex graphics is better than silk screen printing and slightly inferior to offset printing. But because it is environmentally friendly printing, it is better than offset printing in food printing. However, because the environmentally friendly ink is used, the price is also high.
Disposable water cup printing process graphics are relatively simple, usually using printing, when the graphics are more complicated, you can use flexo.