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Which printing machines are more commonly used in cosmetics packaging?
Auther: Pubdate:2020-03-24

Packaging is a means to raise the price of a product, and it is a consumer's visual experience of the product. A good packaging can make the product stand out from the fierce competition. If you want to print the ideal effect on the package, then you need to use the appropriate package printing equipment. So what are the packaging printing equipment? Which cosmetics packaging printing machinery is more commonly used?
Cosmetic packaging printing equipment mainly includes inkjet printing. Inkjet printing is also called digital printing. It is often used to print outer packaging, which is the cardboard box packaging we often see.
For inner packaging, it is a cosmetic bottle, or a hose, lipstick tube or the like. The inner packaging printing of this kind of products is usually printed with a screen printer, which has always been essential for the cosmetics industry. Because the screen-printed graphics look more three-dimensional, giving a high-end feel.
On the inner and outer packaging often used for bronzing, bronzing has a gorgeous metallic luster, which can play the finishing touch. It is often used to highlight the brand trademark or some of the more important words.
There are many types of packaging printing equipment, but in the cosmetics industry, inkjet printers, screen printers and bronzing machines can meet most of the needs.