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What is the price of the automatic hot stamping machine?
Auther: Pubdate:2020-03-25

No matter what you buy, we should be most concerned about price. In daily life, many items need to be used for bronzing. Manual bronzing machines are too inefficient to be suitable for mass production, so many factories will choose automatic bronzing machines. So how much is the price of automatic hot stamping machine? How much is a Guangzhou couplet hot stamping machine?
At present, there are many types of automatic hot stamping machines, many of which only have a single station. The structure is relatively simple and the efficiency is relatively low. The price of a single station automatic hot stamping machine is mostly around 30,000. The price of a six-station automatic hot stamping machine is generally more than 50,000, while the price of a 12-station hot stamping machine is higher. Generally, it costs 100,000 to start. The specific price can be quoted by the manufacturer. 
Many automatic hot stamping machines on the market require manual feeding. In fact, they are not called fully automatic. Automatic screen printing machine should be automatic loading and unloading, automatic mud ironing and so on. When buying a fully automatic hot stamping machine, price is not the only indicator to consider. For factories with mass production, it is recommended to use a fully automatic hot stamping machine to improve stamping efficiency.