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  • Which printing machines are more commonly used in cosmetics packaging?

    Packaging is a means to raise the price of a product, and it is a consumer's visual experience of the product. A good packaging can make the product stand out from the fierce competition. If you want to print the ideal effect on the package,......【View more】

  • What are the disposable cup printing processes?

    Disposable drinking cups are inexpensive drinking tools for many families, companies, and public places due to their low price. When the company receives guests, the most commonly used is a disposable cup. Smart companies will take a few cup......【View more】

  • What is UV screen printing? What is UV Printing?

    What is UV screen printing? Uv screen printing is an upgraded version of the screen printing machine. In fact, the UV screen printing and the screen printing machine are not much different in essence. People who know the screen printing mach......【View more】

  • What is the silk screen process?

    What is silk screen printing? Silk screen printing is called screen printing. It belongs to stencil printing and is an ancient printing technology. According to historical records, the silk screen originated from the Qin and Han Dynasties, a......【View more】

  • What is the purpose of silk screen?

    What is the silk screen? Maybe many friends have not heard of the word. In fact, silk screen is always visible in our daily life, and silk screen is applied in several industries. Let me tell you what silk screen printing is, and our common......【View more】

  • How to choose a screen printer?

    Screen printing machine is indispensable for cosmetics printing industry, and the price is not cheap. The number of fully automatic curved screen printing machines is more than 100,000. So when you buy a screen printer, you can't be sloppy. ......【View more】