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  • Will the printing industry disappear?

    Today's smart devices are so developed that reading a picture or taking a picture of a mobile phone may solve it. At this time, someone will ask, will the printing industry disappear? Where will the screen printing industry go from here?......【View more】

  • What is the profit of the printing industry in general?

    Printed products can be seen everywhere in daily life. As long as they are produced by regular manufacturers, there will be at least information such as production date and address. These information also need to be printed. Since printing d......【View more】

  • Buying hot stamping machine tips

    In life, many things use the hot stamping process, for example, many cigarette packages will have a hot stamping trademark. Many lipstick tubes also use bronzing to highlight the logo. A hot stamping machine is needed, so how do the hot stam......【View more】

  • How much is a hot stamping machine

    The application of hot stamping machines is in all areas of life. Hot stamping has a metallic luster and works with other printing methods. How much is a machine? How much is the Guangzhou automatic hot stamping machine?......【View more】

  • Do you know how to choose a screen printer?

    Screen printing machine is indispensable for cosmetics printing industry, and the price is not cheap. The number of fully automatic curved screen printing machines is more than 100,000. So when you buy a screen printer, you can't be sloppy. ......【View more】

  • Wide application of glass bottle screen printing machine

    I don't know if everyone has paid attention to it. With the development of our society and the progress of human beings, our daily necessities have undergone continuous changes, ranging from ancient ceramic products such as wine glasses to t......【View more】