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Automatic cream bottle screen printing machine
Auther: Pubdate:2020-01-08



        Technical Parameters:


     Max Print Size :Φ(25-60)x(25-70)mm


     Dimensions : 2430x1850x1800

     Approximate Weight:1120kg

     Air pressure:5--7bar

     Current/Voltage:AC380V/50Hz   5kw







YY-ASR12 全自动丝印轮配件


    YY-ASR12 全自动丝印轮配件


YY-ASR12 全自动丝印轮配件




YY-ASR12 全自动丝印轮配件


YY-ASR12 全自动丝印轮配件




■ Structural composition: It adopts the gap type mechanical rotating wheel design, which is composed of multi-functional automatic printing machines such as automatic feeding, pre-press processing, silk screen, UV (IR) drying, etc., which is controlled by mechanical transmission and PLC system.

■ Stable performance: This machine has good quality parts, precise processing and low equipment failure rate. It can produce safely and stably with minimal equipment maintenance costs.

■ Easy operation: Adopt man-machine dialogue (PLC, touch screen), easy to change the fixture, and automatically lift the print head system.

■ Convenient management: no bottle without printing, output counting, safety, abnormal alarm, etc.

■ Optional accessories: blanking on the manipulator, servo left and right positioning, step forward and backward positioning; pre-press and post-processing. Can be customized automatic feeding and sorting system (bottle cap). Can be customized according to customer requirements.



承印产品 Printing products:

Can be freely printed with pen, bottle cap, hose, lipstick tube, lipstick tube, syringe, glass hose and other products of various shapes and materials.








YY-ASR12 全自动丝印轮


YY-ASR12 全自动丝印轮产品应用




YY-ASR12 全自动丝印轮



YY-ASR12 全自动丝印轮


A high-tech enterprise with more than 20 years of visual research and development experience. A research and development team composed of a number of master graduates has long-term cooperation with universities, universities, research institutes, and constantly develops innovative multi-color curved intelligent printing equipment.



The introduction of foreign advanced technology, advanced management, independent development of visual intelligence systems, master core technology has its own intellectual property rights, a number of high-tech patents.

YY-ASR12 全自动丝印轮

YY-ASR12 全自动丝印轮



Has more than 10,000 square production workshops and a full set of processing and assembly production lines, monthly production and sales of more than 100 multi-color curved surface intelligent printing equipment.

Yunyue multi-color curved surface printing equipment design-development-production-sales one-stop, factory direct sales, no middlemen to make a difference in cash supply, fast assembly and fast








The enterprise that complies with the standard strictly implements standardized production, institutionalized management, improves production efficiency, reduces management costs, and maintains the stable quality of multi-color curved surface intelligent printing equipment products.

 Equipment module random inspection, the factory products are comprehensively tested from buttons, prompt lights, response sensitivity, software installation to shell defects, ensuring that each piece of factory equipment is fine!







Free on-site installation, attached equipment, software operation manual, remote online video answering teaching, online fault monitoring, early warning.


24-hour online customer service team, 1 hour response, and quickly resolve problems within 12 hours. Our profession deserves your trust!




YY-ASR12 全自动丝印轮





YY-ASR12 全自动丝印轮




      Yunyue Technology is composed of a group of senior talents in the intelligent printing industry. The team is young and vigorous, full of vitality and innovative ability. At present, the company is in a period of rapid development, and automated equipment is constantly being introduced to the market to fill the blanks in the printing industry.

      The company's production and printing equipment sales are good, the company's scale is constantly expanding, it has rich practical experience, professional technical advantages and forward-looking service consciousness, doing its best to assist customers to reduce maintenance costs, improve production efficiency and market competitiveness ... ...